Inca trail availability by ANEXA

Inca trail availability

The availability  for The Inca trail 2021 is exclusively administered by the Ministry of Culture. Only they can control and authorize access to the Inca Trail.

The month of February is the rainy season so the Ministry closes the Inka Trail.

The availability of Inca Trail for 2020 that we use is the same for any other agency, as this information is provided directly by the Ministry of Culture.

The number of spaces is very variable. Agencies usually reserve up to 30 places, so don’t be surprised if at any time the available spaces are exhausted.

The spaces shown are for either Short Inca Trail of 2 days or Classic Inca Trail of 4 days.
Availability is administered exclusively by the Ministry of Culture

Only they can administer and authorize access to the Inca Trail.
The Inca Trail is set up for only 500 spaces per day, including staff spaces (porters and guides).


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