The best equipment for hike

The best equipment for hike

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“Being properly equipped is one of the keys to a succesful trek”

Many times it is difficult for us to choose the equipment for hike that are necessary to make our trips and live a pleasant experience when visiting our wonderful citadel of Machu Picchu. Here is the presentation of a list of objects that you must carry out when you visit the places of our city of Cusco.

  • Walking Boots: lighter weight or leather ones that may have the advantage they take little breaking in, Goretex made? Necessary for ankle support on the hike.


  • Trainers, tennis shoes or trekking sandals: to use them around the camp.

sandals for trekking


  • Thermals: Better than pyjamas, to keep you warm in cold situations, especially camping.

thermals for hiking


  • Socks: Suggested to use them in two pairs while you are going to be hiking, avoid blisters, no nylon made.

socks for hiking


  • T-shirts: polyester/polypropylene fabrics for the walks, and cotton or wool made for camps.

t shirt for hiking


  • Water proofs: rain jacket, pants or even ponchos.

waterproofs for hiking


  • Thick sweater/fleece jacket: For cold nights, make sure your rain jacket is loss enough to wear over your sweater or fleece.

Thick sweater for hiking


  • Long trousers and shorts: For different weather situations, lighter weight, easy to dry when is wet or good ventilated in hot conditions. Those with zips?

Long trousers for hiking


  • Gloves and woolly hats: Useful in high altitude or at night or early mornings.

Gloves and woolly hats for hiking


  • Underwear: Avoid any synthetic material the bests are the cotton fabrics.

underwear for hiking


  • Sun hat: For sunny conditions.

sun hat for trekkings


  • Sunscreen: Suggested over 50+ SPF with water resistant.

sun scream for hikings


  • Sun Glasses: Those with UVA/UVB protection.

sun glasses for hiking


  • Water Bottle: 2 litres capacity as minimum, disposable plastic bottles are not allow, suggested are those Camel Bags, Platy Plus, Nalgene  or even the metal bottles that can also be used as hot water bottles in cold conditions.

bottle for hiking


  • Flash light/Torch/Batteries/Bulbs: Often a head torch is the most practical option as it allows you to have both hands free. The most common batteries are the pen cells (AA or AAA size)

Flash light for hiking


  • Plastic Bags: In case of rain or dirt to keep away from the rest of your belongings. Suggested to pack all your equipment in different colour plastic bags according with the purpose for use of your equipment.

plastic bag for hiking


  • Toiletries: Like toothbrush/paste, comb, soap and a small towel. Bring cosmetic to a minimum.

Toiletries for hiking


  • Antibacterial Gel: Have it all the time handle, Wet Wipes are also helpful in emergency cases.

gel antibacterial for hiking


  • Personal First Aid Kid: Which contains your own medication, blister kit, supply of plasters, aspirin etc.

firt aid kit for hiking


  • Insect Repellent: to avoid mosquitoes or any kind of bugs.

Insect Repellent


  • Trek Kit Bag: Your trek luggage, including sleeping bag, needs to be packed into a kit bag, soft holdall, frameless rucksack or similar to be carried by the trekking staff. For some of our hikes we supply you 60 litres capacity duffle bags.

trek kit bag


  • Day pack/small rucksack: 30 or 45 liters capacity which is going to be fill with the equipment that you must carry when you are be moving from one camp to another.

luggage for hiking


  • Sleeping Bag: 3+ seasons is good, remember this, more altitude more cold temperature.

Sleeping Bag for hiking


  • Trekking poles: Recommended especially for descents, ensure they have plastic or rubber tips in order to reduce erosion.

Trekking poles


  • Camera: Any kind of camera would serve you good, just remember to recharge its batteries before the hike.

camera for hiking

We hope this information has been of your complete help. Do not forget to share it on your social networks or with your friends so they have a good experience when visit  Peru and the citadel of Machu Picchu.

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